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The Quick Summary

Welcome to the School of Cards Let me give you a quick overview. We created the first brick and mortar poker school in the country, conducted the largest behavioral study ever on poker players, and have been coaching the game for over 12 years, in online and live class settings. We have worked with thousands of players ranging from complete beginners to some of the highest level players in the world and everything in between.

We specialize in turning break even and losing Live No Limit Hold Em players profitable by using a unique approach that is focused in 7 core principles.

We believe ORDER is everything when it comes to poker education. Players work on the wrong things, at the wrong times, and with the wrong approach to learning and improving their game. Our entire education revolves around assessment. The goal is to focus on building a strategy and approach that works for your goals, your commitment, and your bankroll.

Our Content

The best way to get to know us is to start diving into our free content. I think you should start with the following keystone videos/articles.

  • 10 Core Reasons Why Poker Players Are Losing
  • The Most Important Model in Poker Period.
  • The Ultimate Live Bankroll Workshops: Hourly Rates, Programs Etc.
  • Why Assessment is the Key to Poker Education.
  • The Theory of Constraints Applied to Poker

The most effective way for us to help you is for you to take our 12 question skills assessment. It will take 45 seconds and allow us to send you content that is customized for your game.

If you want to receive all the content we release each week. Sign-up for Freeroll Friday Every week you will receive an email with the most valuable and popular content that we release each week.

Our Courses and Programs

Over the course of 12 years we have created a total of 17 poker programs both live and online. In 2020, we consolidated our entire product suite and released The Path. A  monthly membership that includes access to The Cash Game Fix, The Mental Edge, The Aggression Workshop, a very robust poker community and more.

The Path: The Structure, Curriculum, and Support Recreational Players Need to Profit in Poker and it’s the most comprehensive program we have ever released.

The Pro Group: is for players who are interested in playing live NLH professionally or for serious side income, and willing to do the work that is required to get there. It’s contains a comprehensive curriculum and features a powerful accountability network of serious players who support each other at the highest level. It is an application-only program and it runs 3x a year.

Private Programs: After a decade of coaching we have created a private poker educational experience that has no equal. A fully customized curriculum,  absurd levels of accountability, and unprecedented levels of personal support. You can learn more and apply here.

Live Immersion Workshops: Our immersion programs have a very straightforward goal. Create the biggest shift possible in your game in 3 days. We will work on mindset and strategy, identify blind spots, and help you craft a powerful poker plan so that you leave as a completely different player. Learn more about dates and locations here.

The Beyond Tells Training is the result of the largest study ever conducted on poker players. It is a 12 week online interactive video course designed to teach you to read any player, give off nothing, and psychologically manipulate your opponents by mastering the ultimate edge in live poker. NOTE: You should only consider Beyond Tells if you are a profitable player with very solid mechanics.

Not Sure What You Need?

If you made it to the bottom of this page and still have no idea which link to click (I know there are many). Start with the assessment. It’s what will allow us to figure out where you are at. Also, if you have any questions or need anything just click that red button on the lower right hand side.