The Most Comprehensive and Modern No Limit Hold Em Education Ever Created

We have spent the past 12 years creating a highly effective evidence based approach to Live No Limit Hold Em education. You will have instant access to hundreds of hours of content, assessments, practice tests and workshops all organized into a customized path for your development.

Before SOC I was just winging it. After,  I developed a strategy and won more money than I ever have. I have been playing professionally for 6 years and wouldn't have made it 2 years without the guidance of SOC.


A Multifaceted and Unified Approach to
Poker Education

Poker isn’t just about math, strategy, or psychology. It is a game that requires a delicate balance of several skill sets. Our education is grounded in 6 specific principles

A mechanical understanding of the game is identified by your off table thought process and ability to apply the themes and concepts in poker. For example, if we were to give you a hand and have you break it down. Your approach will reflect your mechanical understanding of the game. Mechanics are easy to learn and difficult to apply. Mechanics are essential but you will find that most poker education focuses purely on the mechanical side of the game and often ignores the concepts below.

Theory & Frameworks

A theoretical understanding of the game requires you to understand how some of the bigger picture ideas and frameworks in the game are integrated into on-table decision making. If you aren’t able to understand general theories in poker it is unlikely you will be able to make the correct decision at game speed. We will constantly expose you to a wide range of poker theory and show you how it applies to decision making.

Strategy Development

At School of Cards we are definitely unique when it comes to our approach to strategy development. We don’t believe in one perfect strategy and stress the importance of giving students the ability to construct their own strategy. Our process is focused on students weighting their resources and objectives so they can construct a strategy they can implement. We call this the ROSI process and
it’s what separates us from a lot of other educational approaches.

Application and Process Optimization

Process optimization is about improving how you think at the table. It is focused on the gap between understanding and application of the mechanical foundations and advanced concepts of poker. You could have a robust understanding of theory and mechanics but if you aren’t able to make the right decision at game speed you have a problem with your process. A major part of the School of Cards curriculum is about optimizing and improving your ability to apply everything learned.

Mental Game and Cognitive Performance

When poker players traditionally use the term “mental game” they tend to think about an obvious problem. For example, if a player gets really frustrated at the table they will say they need to work on their “mental game.”  Reducing tilt and frustration at the table is obviously valuable and it will be something we work on However, poker is a game that requires a lot of cognition and your entire game rests on a foundation of mental frameworks and the ability to perform under stress. School of Cards places a large emphasis on constantly working on yourself so you can transform your perspective, focus, performance, and profits.

Game Developement and Evolution

As a poker player you are never done developing your game. Even the worlds best poker players constantly refine and improve. Self development is extremely important at School of Cards and we are always committed to improving our content, systems, and approach to poker.  We believe improving your poker game is achieved when you work on multiple aspects of your life.

Our Content is Divided Into 5 Key Flagship Courses and a Non-Stop Stream of Weekly and Monthly Content

The path includes instant access to all of the following courses. Please click more details if you want to understand the depth involved in each course. We also add 1-2 courses per year that are driven by community demand and have ongoing workshops that you will get unlimited access to.

The Cash Game Fix 3.0

The Cash Game Fix is a carefully constructed, 10 week online video program designed to completely re-teach you the game of poker so that you can get rid of your bad habits and build a profitable mindset and approach. We will rebuild your thought process, teach you how to create frameworks for being successful at the poker table, and construct systems that will give you the confidence to make the best strategic decisions. You will gain a deeper understanding of bankroll, decision making, tilt, pot odds, and so much more.

The Cash Game Fix - Click For More Details

Cash Game Fix is my favorite course. - I have re-taken this course 3 times total. I pick up more and more every time. I feel the more I review this course the more it becomes solidified in memory. Because of this when I am stressed in a situation I have a solid system that is solid, and becomes more solid every time I review this course.


The Mental Edge

The Mental Edge is a 40 day program designed to transform your mental game, perspective, focus, and performance by resetting and rebuilding your psychological approach to poker. This course helps you confront areas of your game you have avoided for a very long time. Fear of losing, problems with risk, fear of looking bad, etc. There are deeper themed reasons that prevent players from growing. The course will act as a very powerful tool for confronting these issues and together we will remove them, leaving you with an entirely new approach to the game. The Mental Edge dives deep into the psychology of change so you understand the frameworks behind making big changes to your psychology, health, performance, and more.

The Mental Edge - Click For More Details

Something that really improved is my Mental Game after taking Mental Edge.  I stay more centered and don't tilt near as much as before.  This keeps me in the game longer where I've noticed a trend of doing very well in hours 4-6.  Seems others get less disciplined and I get bigger 'call-offs.


The Predictive Edge

The Predictive Edge is a workshop focused on taking you from good to great. Rapidly read ranged, balance your aggression, learn the tools to exploit any opponent and develop a consistently predictive thought process. The Predictive Edge also features hundreds of assignments and breakdowns to strengthen your on table process. It’s the work that most players aren’t dedicating to their game.

The Predictive Edge - Click For More Details

The Predictive Edge helped me with the act of building and visualizing opponents' ranges, and comparing the equity of my holding vs their entire range when deciding on action. - Brian F


The Aggression Workshop

The Aggression Course is a 30 day online workshop designed to increase your aggression, place unbearable pressure on your opponents, and develop the most infuriating skillset in the game. The course is designed to teach you how to utilize psychology, math, and logic to create a solid approach to increase your aggression.

The Aggression Workshop - Click For Details

Before taking the Aggression Workshop I felt like my table image was average. Now other players are terrified of me when I raise and 3bet preflop.  Many players tell me that they don’t want to play hands against me.  Knowing that, I started bluffing at a higher frequency and winning more pots.


The Poker Bootcamp

The Daily Poker Bootcamp is an active daily workshop designed to improve every aspect of your game through daily exercises and video breakdowns. In this course, we will get our hands dirty and take a learn-by-DOING approach. Everyday we release a drill that is designed to improve a specific aspect of your game. We will cover all aspects of poker including: foundations, exploitive play, combinatorics, math, nonverbal behavior, poker tells, and much more.

The Poker Bootcamp - Click for More Details

The Poker Boot Camp was one of my favorite courses because it was very focused with a new problem every day.  It's an intensive format and helped me focus on short term improvement to my game.


We Are Dedicated Towards Always Adding, Improving, and Growing

Our foundational education is designed to get your game to the point of where you have a strong mechanical understanding of the game and are able to have a profitable process at the table. Once that solid foundation is established you will engage in a wide range of advanced workshops to develop your game and further improve your hourly rate. The game of poker is always changing and evolving and our commitment is to make sure all of our students are always ready to crush any game.
In addition to our core curriculum path includes the following
1-2 Full Courses Are Added Each Year
Monthly Mental Game Workshops
Monthly Hand Breakdowns and Q&A
The Weekly Coaching Sessions
User Generated Decisions on Content Creation