Everyone Has a Unique Path in Poker.
It's Time to Discover Yours.

The structure, curriculum, and support needed to finally achieve your poker goals.

I'm pretty sure I would have given up poker if I didn't start making a profit. I can say I am a winning player due to School Of Cards.


A path designed to accomplish YOUR goals in poker.

Everyone has different goals, ambitions, and what they want from the game of poker. You can’t watch the best players in the world and expect to mimic their styles. You need to understand your own risk tolerance, focus, attention, and understanding of the game, and you need to build a strategy around that. Only when you have a strategy that works for you can you be successful. The Path is a unique blend of high quality content, community, technology all designed to have you accomplish your goals.

step 1

The Assessment, Goal Setting, and The Path Creation

As soon as you sign up, your onboarding process will begin. This is a multi-step process designed to help us understand exactly what you need as a player. We will fully assess your game, help you set achievable goals, and have a video call to discuss your path as a player. During the onboarding phase you will do the following:

  • Receive a Comprehensive 360 Assessment Of Your Entire Game

    Your assessment involves going through a series of 7 diagnostic tests to assess exactly where you are as a player. This will be a full breakdown of the strategic, tactical, and mental side of your game. It allows us to see what you need to work on and helps us understand how we can support you along the way. This is not a simple multiple-choice question test. They will take about 2-3 hours to complete.

  • Create Realistic Study, Volume, and Profit Goals

    Most players get into the game setting wildly unrealistic goals. After 12 years of coaching we know what is possible and how long it takes to get there. We will take you through a process so you can clearly outline your short term and long term goals like target hourly rates, play/rest balance schedule, etc.

  • Custom Path Finalized Plan

    After we review your assessments we will craft your path. Highlighting what you need to work on and why. This is also a great time ask questions about the process and finalize your play, study, and review schedule for the quarter.

Blake and the team offer us a holistic approach to poker. They integrate principles of poker with principles of our life objectives. In doing so we learn to temper the highs of a big win and the lows of a devastating bad beat. We realize that there is much more to this game than Game Theory Optimal decision-making but at the same time they preach a quantitative, rational, data driven disciplined approach to the game.

step 2

Gain Full Access to the Most Robust No Limit Hold Em Education Ever Created

We all have areas of our game that need work. Most players continue to work on the areas that don't matter. They focus on what they think they need, not what their game actually needs, and often spend too much time “working on their game” and not enough playing. We take an evidence-based approach towards creating your path. Our initial assessment allows us to identify your leaks and put you on a path to act as air traffic control for your poker career, making sure you are on the right path and creating systems to make sure you are always being course-corrected.

  • Build a Foundation and Solid Mechanics

    Foundations are everything in poker. Before you open your range, before you get to play a more exploitive and creative style, you need to master a solid and foundational game. Most players have such big problems with the fundamentals that they can’t truly improve or grow. Our curriculum is focused on prioritizing your foundation before you evolve into more advanced concepts.

  • Learn How to Build Your OWN Strategy

    Everyone has a different set of goals and resources when it comes to poker. Most poker education is focused on teaching players how to apply a strategy. We take a different approach and teach you how to construct and apply a customized strategy that works for you. You will clearly map out what you want to accomplish in poker and then take a path towards accomplishing it.

  • Video Intake Call And Finalize A Solid Plan

    After we review your assessments we will schedule a 20 minute video call to go over everything. We will discuss what you need to work and why and create your customized path. This is also a great time ask questions about the process and finalize a play, study, and review schedule for the quarter

School of Cards focuses on the holistic view of poker and not just the mechanics. Instead of focusing on playing poker well, it focuses on making great poker players. This allows players to be consistently winning players instead of having any number of outside issues (tilt, mental game, bankroll management, session breaks, lack of meditation, poker goals, confidence etc.) stop them from profiting in the long run.

step 3

Walk the Path, Continuously Improve, and Achieve Your Goals

One of the biggest factors preventing players from achieving their goals in poker is consistency. Consistency in their study, routines, volume, and more. We hear it all the time, “IF I just… played more/studied more THEN I would achieve my goals.” The reality is players make lofty plans all the time but don’t accomplish them because they aren’t held accountable. You show up to work because you have accountability structures that require you to do so. If you want to make consistent money in this game you need the same structure for poker. The path will facilitate the highest level of consistency in your game by creating a high level of accountability, fail-proof systems, and a constant stream of motivation.

  • The Community and Support That is Required in Poker

    Poker is a difficult game. After 12+ years in poker education it is clear that it’s impossible to excel in this game without a community. The path contains the most structured and high level poker group that has ever existed. It’s a family of players who will crush the live landscape of No Limit Hold Em. When you join you have a full group of people and coaches available to you 24/7. When a session goes bad/good, when you have ANY type of question, when you want to modify or change your approach to the game...you are supported with systems that have been built on 12 years of poker education and performance.

  • The Systems Required to Stay on the Path

    Poker is a game of variance. There are ups and downs in this game that can be leveled and sustained through the creation of systems. At the core of the path is a series of systems. There are systems for how you break down a session, how you break down a hand, how you mentally prepare before a session, how you evaluate your strategy, how you create a master plan, and a lot more. The process is built on a really cool set of technological processes that NOBODY in the poker community is leveraging. It’s the secret sauce behind how the process works like clockwork and it will make sure you are always accomplishing your path.

I have netted about $30,000 over the last few years playing poker and more importantly to me enabled me to compete and win in many tournaments small and  large against strong professional players. I play to win and the courses have helped me to that more than any other program I have been involved in. It's not just instructive - it has induced change to a winning way of playing. -


The path is the most robust poker experience ever created and it includes an extensive amount of content and features. Please take a look around this site to learn more. If you have any other questions, feel free to hit that red button and reach us personally at any time.