The School of Cards is a poker educational company that focuses on transforming break even and losing poker players. We primarily focus on Live No Limit Hold Em.

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We created the first brick and mortar poker school in the country which was located in NYC and was how we started. We now offer primarily online programs that still have the level of support and dedication that is normally found in a live environment.

We are responsible for the largest behavioral study ever conducted on poker players. A project called Beyond Tells that is the most comprehensive poker tells training available. You can learn more about Beyond Tells here

We believe in a very personal customer experience.  We read and reply to every message and have a level of customer service that we promise you will not find anywhere else. Click this button to see what we mean :)

We have created a total of 17 courses, workshops, and live courses. We are obsessed with constantly improving our products and have completely re-done several. In 2020, we distilled all of our services into a cohesive monthly program called The Path.

We LOVE this game. It is the deepest, most complex, most amazing game in the world and we have been doing this so long because we love it. We also believe that playing at the highest level and teaching at it are two different things entirely. Some great players make the worst coaches.

We have the most diverse client base in poker. We have worked with thousands of players ranging from complete beginners to some of the highest level players in the world and everything in between.

We believe ORDER is everything when it comes to poker education. Players work on the wrong things, at the wrong times, and with the wrong approach to learning and improving their game. Our entire education revolves around assessment. The goal is to focus on building a strategy and approach that works for your goals, your commitment, and your bankroll.

We are very PROUD of our changes. Most poker education companies release a video and never change it. They sell a course and don’t modify it. We are a data guided organization that constantly analyzes what works and what doesn’t.

The Core Principles of School of Cards  

After working in poker education for 10 years, we wanted to create some core principles that showed what our company is all about and that all of our education should reflect. Below you will find the principles that define School of Cards and that we want to represent in every interaction with our customers.

We a Place Heavy Emphasis on Assessment

We place a heavy emphasis on assessment in order to understand your reality. Assessments allow us to operate from the reality of your situation because a lot of poker players do not approach playing this way. Many players have goals that do not match their abilities or their commitment. We focus on tracking, constantly assessing your game, and self-reflection in order to help you create achievable and realistic goals.

We Teach Dynamic Frameworks

The way we teach is focused on systems and frameworks. The reason we are enthusiastic about frameworks is that poker can be an incredibly complex game. All of our customers have a different level of understanding, a different capacity to remember things or process information, and differing goals. When we give you a framework or system, we are able to develop something that works specifically for you. We are not teaching you which decisions are right or wrong, but rather how to systematically think about your hands in reference to your individual goals and abilities.

We Will be Brutally Honest About Performance, Goals, & Expectations

The entire School of Cards staff is committed to being brutally honest with our students because it’s important for us to establish a level of trust. We will always make sure that your questions are answered with integrity.

We Focus on Winning the War

We place an emphasis on strategy over tactics. Too much poker material is focused on tactics. You learn very specific concepts like how to improve your 3-bet frequency or the GTO response to a very specific situation. These tactics are not going to be useful 99% of the time you’re playing. They focus on winning small battles instead of winning the war. In order to have long-term success at this game, you need to focus on the bigger picture and make sure that all your decisions fit into your plan and goals.

We Take a Multi Disciplinary Approach to Poker

We are trying to make you a well-rounded poker player. There isn’t just one aspect to how this game should be played or taught. Different systems and strategies will be right for different players depending on their individual circumstances. We bring together math, discussion of strategy, community, psychology, behavior, etc. in order to provide you with the mix of content that will help you the most.

We Believe Poker Takes Serious Work and Commitment

Getting to the higher levels of poker requires time and commitment. We help you cultivate the most effective path to your goals. Reaching your goals, no matter what they are, will not happen in a weekend or a few study sessions. There is a big difference between understanding and application, and by far application always takes an investment in time and continuous effort. You must be committed to putting in the work in order to succeed at poker.

We Are Data Driven

Making decisions that revolve around data is another principle that allows us to be connected to our own reality. Everything you do on our platform is tracked so that we know which videos you watched, where you stopped, what content you completed or abandoned. We use this data to make our content better for you. We’ve gathered so much data over the past 10 years that we are now able to tailor our content to increase every student’s chances of success. We collect and interpret data in order to make a more powerful and enriching experience for you.

We Never Gamble

Our slogan is, "If you're not thinking, you're gambling." It means that we are striving to make decisions that over the long run are profitable and connected to our overall strategy. When players hear this concept, they think I mean that we don't make this strategic move or that one, and that's not really the idea. When we say that we never gamble it's because we're always looking to win the war, not just individual hands. There should always be a reason you're doing something, even if it's a wild play, you should have a game plan behind it that will help you in the long run.