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Love the game? Read every book? Play all the time? but still losing?

We find that during the course of the average poker players education, several mistakes were made. Some players have problems with the fundamentals. They grasp the definitions and are familiar with several concepts but they don’t know how to apply them and this is clearly evident in their game. Other players were led down the wrong path by listening to friends and other players who basically have no idea what they are doing. School of Cards offers private poker lessons which are suitable for a certain kind of player. Private lessons are most beneficial for players who are already experienced and are looking to take their game to the next level. While we can address several issues in a private session, our goal is usually two fold. First we assess a players strengths and weaknesses, and then we work on filling the holes in players games. All of our private poker lessons take place at our office in New York City. Below are some of the tools we use in our private lessons and various methods we use to improve your game.

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    We get to know you

    Everyone has different goals and the first thing we do is try to understand what you want from poker. Many players come to us wanting to become professional players. Playing poker professionally is an incredibly difficult thing to do. We believe that anyone can become a good enough player to play the game profitably, but not everyone has the discipline and emotional ability to deal with the up’s and down’s. The first thing we do is talk about your goals and help you determine the quickest most efficient way of achieving them.

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    Evaluate your game

    We have our clients play live, either as a guest in one of our classes or in a private game for real money. During the class you will have an opportunity to discuss your thought process they so we can get a glimpse into your decision making process.

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    We plug your leaks

    After carefully analyzing your game and determine the various ways you are losing money, we formulate a plan to help you fix those leaks. We help players develop a thought process that will help them navigate tough decisions at the table and help them from making the mistakes that brought them to us in the first place. We will also refer you and instruct you on how to use dozens of computer applications, and point you to the best resources for improving your game.

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    We stay in touch

    Developing a strong community of players is crucial for the developing player. We stay in touch with all of our students and are happy to guide them through the crazy world of poker. Want to know if you played a hand correctly? Send us the hand history via e-mail and we can continue to help you even after your private lesson. After your private session you also be invited to free hand analysis sessions at the school where you will meet and discuss strategy with other students and instructors.

Here are some examples of how we helped people in the past

Case Study 1: Live To Online Poker

Bill contacted us looking for guidance playing online poker. He was already a professional poker player who was doing fairly well grinding the 5/10 games in Atlantic City and Connecticut. He saw the value in playing online and was looking for us to help him make the transition from live to online poker. We helped him in the following ways.

Informed him on the various differences between live and online play.

Explained the strengths and weaknesses of the online poker sites, and explained rake-back deals while helping get the best one.

Introduce and instruct him on the wide range of tools available to online players. Poker Tracker 3, Hold em Manger, Full Tilt Shortcuts, Spadeye, etc.

Discussed how to interrupt and properly utilize the various Heads Up Displays

Instructed him on the various multitabling techniques and helped him purchase and set up a computer and multi-display system optimal for online play.

Case Study 2: Help I Keep Losing

Why Do I Keep Losing?
Timmy gave us a call looking for someone to help him improve his game. He had won several daily tournaments in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, but seeked out our assistance after a long streak of losses. We helped him in the following ways.

We found that Timmy was losing a significant amount, primarily due to his final table play. We introduced him to some end game strategies and helped him understand Chip Equity Models and Independent Chip Modeling (ICM)

We had him play over 200 sit and go’s online and used Poker Tracker and various statistical software to help determine his leaks.

He was worried he was giving away to much information at the table, so we helped identify and conceal his physical tells.

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