School of Cards?

After a long 9 hour poker session at one of my regular games, I was approached by a fairly regular player who wanted to know if I would help him improve his poker game. I was reluctant at first, but after several weeks of him pleading I agreed to coach him. After two 6 hour sessions, I was amazed at his progress, and how much I enjoyed helping him take his game to the next level. I have no idea where I would be without the game of poker. It has given me an incredible amount of freedom and has given me the opportunity to meet some incredible people. I truly love the game and every aspect of it. In the winter of 2007 I decided to open School of Cards in order to help people improve their game and share my love of poker with people wanting to learn the game. In 2010 we expanded to include Blackjack as well. We take a very personal approach and continue to stay in touch with the majority of our students. If you want to start actually making money playing poker or just want to learn the basics of the game, give us a call, we would love to help.

Blake Eastman

Founder & Head Instructor Like many people my age, I caught the poker bug after watching the movie Rounders. I was really tired of the money I was making in college and thought I would give poker a try. I have a very obsessive personality so I basically ate, breathed, and dreamed poker. I purchased every book, read every forum, and played non-stop. While my game was better then most it took a total of 2 years before I started to consistently make money playing poker. I feel I wasted a lot of time making the same mistakes and was sure that I could help others make the process significantly quicker. By the time I finished grad school I was playing poker full time, making great money, and having the time of my life. I owe a lot of my financial success to the game of poker and truly enjoy teaching the game and helping others reach their potential. In 2009 after losing a bet to a friend (long story) I dove straight in to the game of blackjack. In addition to playing poker I teach psychology at the City University of New York, entrepreneur, and investor in several Internet start ups.
What stakes, games, limits do you play?
I specialize in highstakes No Limit Hold Em (5/10 - 50/100 NL), Pot Limit Omaha , Sit-n-goes, and 6-max online cash games, I also dedicated a signficant amount of time to Blackjack and improving other variations of poker including Razz and Stud.
What is your greatest edge at the poker table?
I have been conducting and funding research on body language for over 4 years. It is one of my greatest passions and speciality. My greatest edge is the ability to sense strength and weakness by observing people and detecting slight non-verbal variations in my opponenets.
Besides poker, what else do you do?
I stay busy maintaing several companies and working on promoting the school. When im not working (which is always), im sweating it out during a Crossfit workout, reading a book, or am out having the time of my life.
What stakes, games, limits do you play?
I play stakes ranging from 5/10 limit to 100/200 limit and 100nl up to 2k nl
What is your greatest edge at the poker table?
I think my greatest edge at the table is my ability to break down everything going on in a hand, using it all, hand reading, psychology, odds, and tells.
Besides poker, what else do you do?
Aside from poker, I am big into fitness. I rock climb, go to the gym, and ski.

Christopher George

Instructor & Mixed Game Specialist My first memories of poker are hazy, as I learned to play at a very young age with my dad. He was into horse betting and also was adept at poker. As any father would, he passed his knowledge down to me. His game of choice was Five Card Draw. We would play for bragging rights over who could make the best hand, because he wasn’t after my tooth fairy money. From then on, I never stopped striving to learn and better myself at poker. No matter what game came my way, I was always looking for the optimal strategy. I began with Five Card Draw and now play anything and everything. I currently have hundreds of thousands of hands under my belt, a bookshelf full of poker books (which I have read), and I am determined to better myself along with helping my students. I understand that coaching styles differ and different people appreciate different things. I will coach the absolute beginner looking for a new game up through the advanced player looking to plug leaks or switch up his or her play. I offer a style of play that is developed through experience. I have been in the same situations that you are seeking advice about and discussed these situations ad nauseam with some of the best poker minds out there. I believe one can learn the most by discussing poker and then applying it at the tables so my students will definitely get a mix of theory and application. Some recent poker achievments are 3 cashs at the 2010 World Series of Poker including: A final table at Stud Eight or Better, a deep cash in the stud eight or better championship and a deep cash in the main event.

Lorianna Swain

Poker & Blackjack Dealer I didn’t fully spark an interest in poker until I was about 13-years-old. On family vacations, all eight of us would play Texas Hold em, and being the competitive, person that I am, I would take it seriously, and most of the time, come out on top! I became hooked. A couple of years after that, I would play regularly with groups of friends, watch the WPT and World Series and always try to improve my game. I wanted to be able to be as good as Matt Damon in Rounders, during that scene in the Judges room when he called out everyone’s hand. I wanted that skill. Poker, to me, is as thrilling as it is educational. It’s a game, where even if you lose, you still win because you only improve your strategy and learn new ways of playing. I contacted Blake about the dealer position immediately after I saw it was open because I was just moving up to New York City, and even though I was the new girl in town, I’d feel a sense of familiarity being around a sport and lifestyle I’ve grown so passionate about over the years.


Instructor As a lover of the game, I enjoy reading and following all forms of poker media. The analytical skills I use on my day job as an investment strategist had an immediate impact on my success as a poker player. On top of my regular working hours on Wall Street, I dedicate at least 30 hours a week to cash and tournament play. You can find me on the felt following the tournament circuit and playing cash games in AC, LV and LA on a regular basis. I consider myself a cash game specialist.

Arzi Rachman

Poker & Blackjack Dealer I caught the poker bug along with hundreds and possibly thousands in 2003. My only exposure to Poker was 5-card draw and stud... The World Series of Poker showed me the world of No Limit Texas Hold em, and from then on, Poker became a necessity, alongside breathing and eating. I play many variations of Poker, but still enjoy No Limit the most. Outside of cards, the world of book publishing encompasses half of my day, while attending the City University of New York - Queens College, earning a bachelors degree in English and a minor in Journalism.